Everyone Deserves a Christmas

When should Christmas start? Is it when the monsters, ghosts and ghoulies return to the dressing up box, when the final sparkler fizzles out or when the Christmas adverts start appearing in between ‘I’m Celebrity… Get me Out of Here’?
For me Christmas started back in January.

Elaine, Burt and all that Jazz

I’ve always been envious of the New York nightlife. You know, cocktails in your apartment before walking a couple of blocks to a jazz club where you stumble upon some stunning music performed by amazing world class musicians. Last night, except for the pre-show cocktails, I did just that in Mumbles!!!

The Ugly Lovely Landscape.

As I walked into the room I saw a world I knew so very well but a world that to a large extent doesn’t exist anymore. I had gone to Swansea Museum on Thursday evening for the launch of a new book, ‘The Ugly Lovely Landscape’, featuring the work of Swansea Artist George Little.

Summer’s Gone

Well there’s no question any more, summer has gone, and autumn has arrived with storms, wind and rain. It was only last week I tried to pop down to the beach as often as possible to make the most of the warm sunshine …what a difference a week makes.

Kiki Dee and the Calculator.

It’s not often that I have to reach for my calculator when I go to a concert but last week that’s exactly what I found myself doing. Kiki Dee has been a part of my life and my story for just over 50 years, in fact 50 years and one week and a half.

The Feintest Pen

It’s 3 days to go until my 50th Anniversary Golden Jubilee Concert at the Grand Theatre. 3rd October, the special day in 1973 that I signed to Elton John’s Rocket Records…. except I’m not sure if we’ve got the right date!!!