Mal Pope & Steve Balsamo Christmas Video Launched Today

Everyone Deserves A Christmas’ goes live with a video of their Christmas single ‘O Little Town Of Bethlehem’.
This reimagining of the classic Christmas Carol features a duet between, Mal Pope and Steve Balsamo, with support from Harry’s Youth Theatre Choir Swansea and the Morriston Salvation Army Band.
The video starts with a spine chilling opening monologue from BAFTA winner Michael Sheen and ends with a special message from OSCAR Winner Catherine Zeta Jones. The video also features appearances from Davina McCall, Max Boyce, Elis James, Penny Lancaster and Bonnie Tyler.

We can’t live like this.

Do we live ‘better’ knowing the numbers? As the kettle went on my friend was quite shocked to see the energy used turn into pounds spent. Seeing the shock in their face, as he left the engineer said, probably best not look at the meter when you put the tumble drier on!

Big boys don’t cry???

Big boys don’t cry??? I’m sure I speak for many of my sex when I say most of the time we don’t know what we are supposed to do but we really feel we should. And of course, you can’t tell anyone that you are afraid or lonely or depressed or lost…

Christmas Carolyn!

Carolyn Harris and I have known each other since school days. With the help of so many enthusiastic people this week we managed to pull off a minor Christmas miracle and I think it might just be the start because ‘Everyone Deserves a Christmas’.