Right Place…Wrong Time!

Last weekend Mumbles had a brand new tourist attraction. With the Mumbles Railway, the seaside and ice cream, chips and oysters the village has always been the place to go on a summer’s day. Then last weekend the news started going around that we had to get down to the front to see the big digger. The question on everyone’s lips seemed to be, ‘how could this have happened?’.

Is what I do who I am?

Every time you face rejection you can tell yourself its nothing to do with you. But when what you do is so intrinsically linked with who you are then its really difficult not to take professional setbacks personally.

Will ‘Looking For Love’ go higher than No.3?

When I was young one of the most exciting times during the whole week was sitting in front of the radio on Tuesday Lunchtimes waiting for Johnnie Walker to announce the new pop charts on Radio One. Tomorrow I will be glued to my radio waiting to hear if my latest single ‘Looking for love’ has gone up or down in the Mike Read Heritage Chart.

It’s My Shout!

Last night I attended an Awards Ceremony at St David’s Hall in Cardiff. Black Tie, Red Carpet, Gin reception…the lot. I was there with my podcast co-host Johnny Tudor and we were both presenting awards. It was a night of music, networking, seeing old friends and awards.
The official title of the event was ‘It’s My Shout’ Awards Night 2023 and all of the recipients were in their teens or early 20’s.