The Good, The Bard & The Ugly…Lovely Town.

As people around the world prepare for International Dylan Thomas Day maybe we in his home town are missing a trick. We should realise what an asset Dylan should be to our city His name and work really does help reach out to the world encouraging tourism and interest in our Ugly Lovely Town… and who knows, somewhere along the line, we might fall in love with the words as well.

Sunday’s Coming!

I used to think the saddest day in the Christian Calendar was Good Friday but these days I’m not so sure. I now think the saddest day of Holy Week is Holy Saturday or maybe that should be Hopeless Saturday. But there is good news…Sunday’s coming!

Where have all the young men gone?

After a very long trip my friend Chris walked into what you would probably describe as a fairly modern looking, normal, average church. It took him a couple of minutes to work out exactly what was wrong with the scene before him.
Then it struck him, the room was full of old men, women and children…there were no young men. It was only then that he really realised the implications of being on the border of a war zone.

I’m Positive that I’m now Negative

This week marked the second anniversary of the first Corona Virus lockdown. I must admit the past 2 years have somehow blurred into each other. There have been momentous family events that have left their mark, but I really do have to think carefully when trying to remember things like; which year of lockdown did my father pass away and when did I start performing in public again. As I read the headlines on social media and saw the news reports this week marking the second anniversary of Lockdown I also held in my hand a test with the dreaded 2 lines showing I was corona virus positive.