Jones the Spy.

I’d woken up at around 2am. I reached for my phone, pressed the button and started to drift. I must have been half asleep again when I found myself sitting bolt upright. I thought I had just heard Helena Bonham Carter announce that Agent Garbo’s network of German spies in Britain included an Indian Poet based in Swansea!!!

Life is a Cabaret

As with many words context is everything. If I was to say the word ‘Cabaret’, here in South Wales you might get the image of an old Workingman’s Club. ‘Crazy Coqs, Cabaret & Bar’ in the heart of London’s West End is nothing like that.

Going Dutch…

It was a joy to be part of ‘The Passion’ Revival 2024 and I’m sure there’s plenty more to come from Adrian Snell. Now all I need to do is brush up on my Dutch and I’ll be flying too.

Limousines and Easter Bonnets

This week has given me lots of time for reflection, and how much it has changed over the years. A mixture of memories including rock star limousines, touring the country in a transit van and reality of my life now attending Easter bonnet parades.

Derby Day

Derby Day…If Swansea win I will be elated and next week will be wonderful. If we lose I will go into a darken room for a few hours. Maybe I’d take a draw right now!