We are Premier League…Radio that is!

I’ve really enjoyed broadcasting during daylight hours again and the chance to learn lots more about my friends than I knew before. This opportunity came to me because the world has changed. I expect your world has changed too. We can’t turn back the clock or put the genie back in the bottle so maybe now is the time to embrace it.

I hope they judge this ‘book’ by the cover

I Hope they judge this ‘book’ by the cover. This time around it hasn’t only been the record that’s been put together without seeing anyone. It’s also been the cover. This is the story of how using a piece of artwork by Swansea Artist Carolyn little has caught the eye of music radio producers everywhere.

Would it be better not to care?

Sometimes I used to sit in the Liberty Stadium with my heart pounding in my chest hoping that we would score an equaliser, or a winner or simply hold onto a lead. I used to look around the ground and see thousands of people feeling exactly the same emotion. Grown men shouting encouragement or abuse at one team or another, women close to tears and children looking at their mums and dads wondering what happened to their normally civilised parents…and I used to think to myself, wouldn’t it be better for all of us if we just didn’t care.