Goodnight Mrs Pope x

As I drove past the Swansea Leisure Centre on a bright July morning I found myself looking at the people in their cars as they passed me. I wasn’t driving very fast, they obviously had places to go. Maybe they were late for work or rushing to get their kids to school. I’m pretty sure none of them noticed the old guy tootling along in the inside lane with a few small tears, slowly rolling down his cheeks.

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

On that Sunday in 2008 I still remember Elton saying he hoped I’d enjoy the concert. I can still see the look on his face when I explained the reason why I wouldn’t be able to stay. I still find it hard to express my feelings as the opening chords to ‘Funeral for a friend’ rang up and over the stadium roof as I walked to my car….

Rise Up And Serve

Yesterday I had the privilege to sing at the inauguration of Mike Day, the new Lord Mayor of Swansea. At the heart of Mike’s Inauguration was the message ‘Rise Up and Serve’. I just hope that its more than just a song I helped write, I hope it proves to be a call to action for me…and you!

The Good, The Bard & The Ugly…Lovely Town.

As people around the world prepare for International Dylan Thomas Day maybe we in his home town are missing a trick. We should realise what an asset Dylan should be to our city His name and work really does help reach out to the world encouraging tourism and interest in our Ugly Lovely Town… and who knows, somewhere along the line, we might fall in love with the words as well.