I’m Positive that I’m now Negative

This week marked the second anniversary of the first Corona Virus lockdown. I must admit the past 2 years have somehow blurred into each other. There have been momentous family events that have left their mark, but I really do have to think carefully when trying to remember things like; which year of lockdown did my father pass away and when did I start performing in public again. As I read the headlines on social media and saw the news reports this week marking the second anniversary of Lockdown I also held in my hand a test with the dreaded 2 lines showing I was corona virus positive.

The Perfect Arena for a Performance

I have to say over my career I have played in lots of unusual venues. Some I struggle to remember, others I try to forget. This week I’ve been to a couple of wonderful venues, one where I played a concert and to another where I hope I will get the chance to perform at some day in the future.

You can’t tell me because I’m an expert…on everything!

It was Michael Gove who once said in a television interview that the people of Great Britain had had enough of experts…who consistently get it wrong. The thing is, these days, with a mobile phone in your hand or an internet connection at home, you are only a few clicks away from convincing yourself that you are an expert on any subject in the world.

Goodbye old friends

Wyn Calvin and Barry Cryer were from a different generation I know, but there’s no reason we can’t learn from them. Not just learn how to be great at the job of entertaining but also how to be great at being human.