Up On The Roof

This week I had to listen to Goffin and King and digitally go ‘Up on The Roof’. For one whole day I put my phone face down and decided to go cold turkey.

For the first hour or so I felt twitchy, like a smoker in early abstinence wondering what to do with my hands. After a few hours I could feel my stress levels start to lower, I could feel my mind start to unwind.

Never Stop Dreaming

As Professor of Practice at University of Wales Trinity St David, I was invited to meet and greet the new intake. The most important thing is to do everything, take chances, make connections… but never let anyone steal the dream.

Where were you when…

There are other events in life which in reality are a million miles away from our personal lives which have a similar effect on our memories, a nation’s memory, sometimes even the world.
In years to come I expect we will start to talk about where we were when we heard of the passing of Queen Elizabeth II and that has made me look back at other world events that have left their mark on me.

Library of Things

I don’t think I’m nosey, I think I’m just interested…well that’s my excuse. My dad was the same. He couldn’t help himself just talking to people. That is how I found myself this week entering the ‘Swansea Library of Things’.