Making the Video with Mini Me

This week I’ve been making the new video for my new single. The song isn’t new, but with the kindness of Elton John returning my original 1973 tapes and copyrights, and with the wonders of technology my new single features a duet with my 13 year old self.

Return of the Rocket Boy

In 1973 I recorded my first LP for Elton John’s Rocket Records. It was decided to wait to release it until my summer holidays. Unfortunately my voice broke and the album was shelved 50 years later its finally time for Rocket Boy.

Following a Dream from Tesco to Tinopolis

Mark Twain said, ‘Find a job you enjoy doing and you’ll never work a day in your life’. I get the feeling that is where Mike Kennedy is these days. It’s all very well wanting to live out a dream but without the right skills that dream can soon turn into a complete nightmare. Mike has 38 years of retail experience and that gives everyone confidence.

Who can compete with BARBIE?

It is said the budget for Barbie started at $100 million but soon rose to $145 million. Then you think of all the money they must have spent on advertising. Barbie is everywhere. All of those posts and adverts and special events cost a lot of money. how can anyone compete with that?