sNOw Day

I remember the day I told my dad I was going to buy a motor bike.  His reaction was that he forbid it.  I then had to remind him that I was 28 years old with a mortgage and 2 kids, I was a grown up. For so much of our time here on earth …

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Go, go, go, go!

There is a word that I like that I think we should use more often, that we should try to implement more often in our lives. That word is ‘intent’. It’s a bit difficult to define but I know it when I see it. I also know when I hear it and this week I …

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Keep On Running

It’s week 3 of my new fitness regime and I’m quite surprised to admit that I’m still running.  The turn of a new year is a strange thing.  From the last week of November and through the whole of December everything in my life that needed any real thought or planning seemed to go on …

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That was 2017!

As we come to the end of another year it is customary to look back at the highlights, and low lights, that have made the year special in one way or another. One of the benefits of having to write 1000 words every week for this blog is that as I look back at the …

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