Month: June 2024


I was chatting to a young, tech savvy, musician friend this week. I said it was going to be a busy week because I was going to release the album on CD. I realised that we were from slightly different generations when he said ‘CD, is that still a thing?’.

Chris Needs – As It Is

Just like Chris’s radio shows ‘Like it is’ will make you laugh and cry and singalong as well. The show is a must for Chris Needs fans but will also leave you feeling uplifted even if you never knew this very special man.

Still 3 weeks to go…

I always find myself conflicted at this time of year. In a few days’ time we will have reached the half way point of the year. That’s the glass half full side of my character. Now comes the conflict., on the other hand from now on…it’s all downhill to Christmas!!!

Creating a bit of a Splash!

We started filming using a watering can before moving on to the buckets of water. It was only when I looked back at the long shots that I could see the relish on ‘my friend’ Ed Thomas’ face as he drenched me and the howls of laughter from Ian Parsons. With friends like Ed and Ian making videos is easy!!!