Month: October 2023

The Ugly Lovely Landscape.

As I walked into the room I saw a world I knew so very well but a world that to a large extent doesn’t exist anymore. I had gone to Swansea Museum on Thursday evening for the launch of a new book, ‘The Ugly Lovely Landscape’, featuring the work of Swansea Artist George Little.

Summer’s Gone

Well there’s no question any more, summer has gone, and autumn has arrived with storms, wind and rain. It was only last week I tried to pop down to the beach as often as possible to make the most of the warm sunshine …what a difference a week makes.

Kiki Dee and the Calculator.

It’s not often that I have to reach for my calculator when I go to a concert but last week that’s exactly what I found myself doing. Kiki Dee has been a part of my life and my story for just over 50 years, in fact 50 years and one week and a half.