Month: December 2022

Dare to be Different

We all start out with the best intentions What happens when things start to go wrong. Do we get frightened and start ‘smashing the ball upfield’? Daring to be different takes courage and a team that trusts and understands the person in charge and knows they won’t be blamed when things go wrong.

Something is going on in Swansea Market

Today’s launch marks the start of a month of hard work by so many people to raise money and awareness of the #everyonedeservesachristmas hamper charity. Then we move into the final few hectic days up to Christmas when we pack and deliver these wonderful Christmas Hampers.
I pray that we don’t get used to this level of support being needed to help our communities survive but while these hard times are here I am so proud of everyone who has given their time freely and with such great spirit to make this year special… for all of us.