Month: May 2021

Would it be better not to care?

Sometimes I used to sit in the Liberty Stadium with my heart pounding in my chest hoping that we would score an equaliser, or a winner or simply hold onto a lead. I used to look around the ground and see thousands of people feeling exactly the same emotion. Grown men shouting encouragement or abuse at one team or another, women close to tears and children looking at their mums and dads wondering what happened to their normally civilised parents…and I used to think to myself, wouldn’t it be better for all of us if we just didn’t care.

The child inside the man.

This Sunday, on BBC Songs of Praise, I sing an updated version of a song I wrote when I was 15. It was originally produced by Elton John at Abbey Road in 1977. Years later Elton gave me my songs back and ‘A Child’s Prayer’ really stood out to me. I remembered my teenage passion to ‘save the world’ and it made me think how the years have moulded and changed me, and my faith.