The Mal Pope Show Series 1: Episode 4.

The first Mal Pope Show series was broadcast live on a Friday Night.

A stunning show with Mal and the Jacks performing with Mica Paris and Labi Sifre, a fascinating interview with Cliff Richard, and Bjorn again do 'Flashdance'.

Series 1: Episode 4.

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Part 1A
Opening of the Mal Pope show. Mal Pope and the Jacks perform ‘Higher than a Mountain’.

Part 1B
Mal Interviews Bjorn Again, followed by performance of 'What A Feeling' (Flashdance) Abba - style.

Part 1C
Labi Sifre performs unplugged.

Part 2A
Labi Sifre perfomes 'Sugar Pie Honey Bunch - I can't Help Myself' with Mal Pope and the Jacks live.

Part 2B
Mal Pope interviews and performs with Cliff Richard.


Part 3A
Mica Paris Performs 'Whisper a Prayer' with Mal Pope and the Jacks live.

Part 3B/C
Mal interviews Mica Paris, followed by performance of 'I'll take you there' with Mal Pope & the Jacks.




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