The Mal Pope Show Series 1: Episode 2.

The first Mal Pope Show series was broadcast live on a Friday Night.

Episode 2 guests include OMD, Percussionist Evelyn Glennie, Geaorge Mellie and Lena Fiagbe. Mal returns to New York for an interview with John Cale.

Series 1: Episode 2.

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Part 1A
Opening of the Mal Pope show. Mal Pope and the Jacks perform ‘I Wish’

Part 1B
Mal Interviews Evelyn Glennie. Evelyn performs Marimba solo.

Part 1C
Mal interviews OMD, OMD perform.

Part 2A
Mal interviews John Cale in the Rainbow Rooms of the Rockefeller Center New York

Part 2B
Lena Fiagbe performs live.


Part 3A
Mal interviews Lena Fiagbe and then duets on ‘You’re got a friend.

Part 3B
Mal interviews George Melly. George Performs live with John Chilton’s Feet warmers.

Part 3C
Mal Pope , George Melly and John Chilton’s Feet warmers perform ‘Bill Bailey’.

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