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Amazing Grace Dates for 2006'Amazing Grace' returns to Swansea for November 2011.

Update: November 2011

We're delighted to announce that this November sees the World Amateur Premier of Amazing Grace.The Abbey Players will be performing the hit Mal Pope musical from the 15th -19th November at the Swansea Grand Theatre. More information on the production can be found HERE.

For more information on Abbey Players click here.

Amazing Grace opened at the Swansea Grand Theatre on 21st March 2005 before moving to the Sherman Theatre Cardiff as part of the International Festival of Musical Theatre and then to Theatr Clwyd in Mold.

Amazing Grace returned to the stage by popular demand in the Autumn of 2006. Following the incredible success of the Autumn 2006 tour, plans are underway to secure the long term future of the musical. We will bring you any information we have as soon as we get it.

Why Me?

Some of the songs from the show not available on the CD ‘Why Me’, including a version of ‘You Never Threw a Party for Me', were released on a new Mal Pope album in the Autumn 2005. Mal is currently working on a follow up musical called ‘Contender’, the inspiring story of the life of boxer, Tommy Farr. This has its own mini-site at . Contender will appear on the stage in Spring 2007.

Listen Online...

There are links from the site for you to listen to music from the show and also where you can buy the album 'Why Me' which features 14 songs from the musical.


Amazing Grace - The Gallery

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You can now view photos from the musical. The pictures cover the entire performance and give an interesting visual insight into the story. There are over 100 images in the gallery. Click here to view.

You can also read about the developments of the production and Mal Pope's own reflections on its progress in his diary.

Evan RobertsAbout Amazing Grace
In 2003 Mal Pope started thinking about the centenary of the 1904 Welsh Revival and the more he read around the subject the more he became convinced that the story could be the basis of a concept album and also a piece of musical theatre for the stage.

The central character is a 26 year old ex miner called Evan Roberts who claimed to have spoken face to face with the Almighty in his little bedroom in Loughor, just on the outskirts of Swansea. He also told people he had seen a cheque being handed over which bore the sum of 100,000 souls. Many dismissed these as the ramblings of a troubled mind but within 18 months the Western Mail had calculated that more than 100,000 souls had indeed been added to the church. The strain proved too much for Evan and he sadly left Wales and the Revival to become a recluse.

The story of the Revival is told through the eyes of journalist and peace campaigner W T Stead who visited Wales during the height of the Revival to interview Evan Roberts. It starts on the 14th April 1912 in the smoking room of the Titanic, the last place Stead was seen alive!

"How came this strange uplift of the earnestness a whole community? Who can say? The wind bloweth where it listeth. Some tell You one thing, some another. All agree that it began some few months ago in Cardiganshire, eddied hither and thither spreading like fire from valley to valley, until as one observer said to me, “Wherever it came from, or however it began, all South Wales today is in a flame.”

WT Stead; The “Daily Chronicle” on December 13th, 1904, gives a trained observer’s view of the Welsh Revival.



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January 05 Newsletter with Cast updates.

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Much Loved BBC Anchor Man cast in Amazing Grace
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Amazing Grace featured on Songs of Praise
The musical was featured on Songs of Praise on Sunday 7 Nov. Mal sang the title track from the album 'Why Me' and talked about how he came to write the musical.

'Mal Pope 'Why me' CD

Why Me', the new album from Mal Pope featuring the songs from the musical. This CD is now available online at


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