Contender The Musical The Story of Tommy Farr
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After winning the title Tommy is matched against German heavyweight Neusel. He is given little chance of victory. Neusel is a favourite of the Hitler and he is supported at the fight by Ambassador Von Ribbentrop. The announcements at Haringey are made in English, German and Welsh!! Tommy knocks out the German and looks down to see Von Ribbentrop's seat already empty.

Again Tommy and Joby clash as Tommy is offered a chance to go to New York and fight Joe Louis for the title. Joby urges caution, headstrong Tommy catches the Queen Mary. On the way he meets and falls in love with Debutant Carol Montgomery or 'Monty' as he calls her. She is a nonchalant, woman of the world, but surprises herself but being somewhat impressed with this prize-fighter. At one of the evening gatherings Monty is amazed at Tommy's dancing ability. He tells her he learnt the moves at the 4d dance in Tonypandy!!


The Happy Am I Waltz

Happy Am I Duet

As the Cruise Liner's orchestra finish, Tommy and Monty suddenly aware of the moment, are frightened of their feelings. Tommy and Monty sing to each other. They come from very different worlds. It seems too good to be true.

Tommy settles into New York life and is given a bodyguard, Jerry 'The Gunman' Cassales. He trains in Long Branch 50 miles outside New York. It's a town with a Welsh Mayor who organises for a group of miners to come from Wales to encourage him. The training is not going well so he has to send for Joby Churchill. When Joby arrives he is an instant hit with his earthy wisdom. New York Columnist Dan Parker describes him as being like 'the old man of the sea' or a character from a Dickens novel.

Joe Louis Ring MagazineFinally the big fight arrives.
Gathered around their radios are miners in Wales and African Americans in Harlem. This is the moment Tommy has dreamed of all his life. The referee walks over to Tommy. Joby shouts to Tommy that he's won. This time we hear the result and when Joe Louis is announced as champion the stadium erupts into boos and cries of derision. The miners' joy turns to tears, Harlem erupts.


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