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"I've had a website for the past 16 years and it really has been amazing to see how important it has become for me and the work I do. In these pages you should find my biog (my CV is so impressive the only person whose name you won't recognise is mine!), the latest news about my Cd's, concerts and other projects (including the musicals, tv and radio) and there will also be a way of making contact and staying in touch.

For all of you who've visited in the past and been so supportive I am extremely grateful.  You will never know how important your encouragement and enthusiasm has been. I sometimes wonder how independent artists managed to survive before the internet.  For singer songwriters like me it's been a God-send. "

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From Jack to a King

8th Dec -The original soundtrack to the documentary film, 'Jack to a King' has now been released and is available to download at itunes, Google Play, and Amazon.

Details of the new film charting the history of Swansea FC's rise to the Premier League can be found at the 'Jack to a King' web site. Mal is an Executive Producer for the film which he describes as "a truly remarkable story of how a 'rag tag' band of builders, housewives, teachers and travel agents came together to save their football club and ended up turning their city into a worldwide brand!"

Cappuccino Girls Returns to Swansea...

A new theatre run of Cappuccino Girls returned to Swansea in 2012.

The popular musical returned to a new, exciting theatre base in Swansea Urban Village bringing with it a whole new theatre experience. All details can be found on the Cappuccino Girls web site .

Rumour has it there's a sequel in the mix.


Mal Pope CD's Ordering Online

Mal Pope's albums, singles and musicals are now available online through iTunes and other digital retailers. For details, please visit the sales page.

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